hi there, hello. thanks for stopping by.
my name is tina. i'm an illustrator and designer.
this is a space for me to post new work, work in progress,
things i'm up to, inspirations and observations.

contact: info@tinazellmer.com
web: www.tinazellmer.com
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Pharmacy Practice

I made the new cover and a little spot illustration for Pharmacy Practice.
One of the features of the magazine is on the Pharmacist’s role for Zika prevention and awareness. The spot illustration is on the topic of diabetes.


new website!!

I am excited to announce that my new & refreshed website is live.


The updated site includes changes to design and navigation for both, mobile and desktop versions. I’ve also improved the structure of my content.
The news-page is new, the contact page is new too, well all is new really :)
And, coolest of all: I have added a little shop that I am very happy about. There’s a whole list of small but impactful changes, all to make your experience on my site much better for you.
Special thanks to Federico Guzzardi, for helping me realize this adventure.

I hope you like the new website, and if you have any feedback, please let me know.


new news


es dauert nicht mehr lange, dann erscheint meine neue Webseite
unter: www.tinazellmer.com 
Dort gibt es, genau wie hier, Neuigkeiten und neue Illustrationen.
Check it out :)

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