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my name is tina. i'm an illustrator and designer.
this is a space for me to post new work, work in progress,
things i'm up to, inspirations and observations.

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App Autism

“For nearly a decade, academics and others have said that technology could revolutionize the communication abilities of people on the autism spectrum. That hasn’t happened yet. Part of the reason is that the field is pretty niche. A number of well regarded app producers are small operations started by people who developed something to help their own loved ones. These ground breakers inadvertently stunt innovation because their goal is to develop ways of automating pre-existing, tried and true (but cumbersome) tasks, not create novel approaches. Another factor is that academics can’t keep up with tech. Hundreds of apps flood the market faster than you can assemble a long-range study to evaluate efficacy. So no app has been deemed a gold standard.
But at least one piece of tech is threatening to break the mold. On the horizon, an app called :prose and its associated gear may be able to link a user’s thoughts to a speaking aid. This may make it possible for someone with even the most severe physical limitations to develop an amount of autonomy over their own language.” (Soni Sangha)

Diakonie Hilfswerk Weihnachtsmailing

Diakonie Deutschland is a non-profit social welfare organisation.
Tina made touching images of this years christmas mailing.

Montreal birthday / Anna Goodson Management coaster promo


ma vie

out now!
wunderbare weihnachtspostkarten im neuem ma vie heft!


Rob Longstaff - footprints

Very proud to illustrate the new cd 'footprints' by Rob Longstaff.
Cool funky music, which you can find on facebook.com/roblongstaffmusic/


northeastern university

An illustration for Northeastern University’s alumni magazine - on the topic of cultural agility.

möbel martin

Ein riesiges Plakat für Möbel Martin und der voon Werbeagentur


3x3 illustration directory

wooop wooop:
tina in the newest illustration directory!


handgetöpferte broschen

selbst getöpfert, selbst gezeichnet, selbst broschen drauss gemacht:    unikate in kleinstarbeit :)
... tinas lieblingsbrosche:  'i love kubah'    (sieht auch genau aus wie ihr hund kubah!!)


der m:xer

Der Kunde 'Viertausendhertz' ist süchtig geworden: schon wieder eine neue Illustration. Diesmal für einen kuratierten Podcast-Kanal mit exklusiven Einzelstücken, Miniserien und Audioexperimenten. Ein Ort für Neues. Der „Mixer“ bringt Euch Reportagen, Dokumentationen und Klangkunst von ausgewählten Autor*innen


art- and creative therapy

yippie - we have something to celebrate!

Congratulations: Tina is now an official art and creative therapist!
She has just passed her exams and is ready to give you an insight in the possibilities for personal development through art, by triggering your thoughts with new impulses. 



The Chronicle Review Big Brains, Small Minds

Big Brains, Small Minds


is about seeing STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) studies in a Platonic light. 

We risk becoming a society of technological prowess and philosophical illiteracy.
We are on the verge of becoming the best trained, and least educated, society
since the Romans. And reducing the humanities to a type of soft science
will only hasten this trend. As the sciences rightly grow, a free society
must ensure that criticism of the sciences grows apace.

for Axel ;) and other readers who are interessted in the whole article:


inSync jewellery

Iris Saar Isaacs asked Tina to do an illustration
to promote the new jewellery collection of inSync design


baum / tree

Tina arbeitet an einer neuen Postkarte. Diesmal werden lauter Bäume zu sehen sein - Bäume im Winter genauer gesagt. Die kleinen feinen Äste und Zweige zu zeichnen dauert lange und beschert unserer Künstlerin den ein oder anderen Krampf in ihren Fingern.


Walrus & the Bear

Tina did this illustration for Walrus & the Bear, an art historian turned podcast-producer. 
Walrus will bring you compelling stories from Berlin, alternated with reflections on its controversial history. Because it is only after you understand Berlin’s central role in so many historic conflicts, that you can fully appreciate the unique situation Berlin is in today.
Want to know more?    check this link: http://viertausendhertz.de/walrus-and-the-bear/


podcast viertausendhertz

Das erste Podcastlabel im deutschsprachigen Raum.


Chemistry World magazine

Tina Zellmer worked together with the Royal Society of Chemistry
for the Chemistry World magazine

The article is about how scientists can extract proteins and DNA samples from the bones
of prehistoric animals, but there is a question over how long proteins can really
survive and therefore how accurate the results of this research are. 


paleontological research

paleontological research for my next illustration assignment