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my name is tina. i'm an illustrator and designer.
this is a space for me to post new work, work in progress,
things i'm up to, inspirations and observations.

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The Chronicle Review Big Brains, Small Minds

Big Brains, Small Minds


is about seeing STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) studies in a Platonic light. 

We risk becoming a society of technological prowess and philosophical illiteracy.
We are on the verge of becoming the best trained, and least educated, society
since the Romans. And reducing the humanities to a type of soft science
will only hasten this trend. As the sciences rightly grow, a free society
must ensure that criticism of the sciences grows apace.

for Axel ;) and other readers who are interessted in the whole article:


inSync jewellery

Iris Saar Isaacs asked Tina to do an illustration
to promote the new jewellery collection of inSync design


baum / tree

Tina arbeitet an einer neuen Postkarte. Diesmal werden lauter Bäume zu sehen sein - Bäume im Winter genauer gesagt. Die kleinen feinen Äste und Zweige zu zeichnen dauert lange und beschert unserer Künstlerin den ein oder anderen Krampf in ihren Fingern.


Walrus & the Bear

Tina did this illustration for Walrus & the Bear, an art historian turned podcast-producer. 
Walrus will bring you compelling stories from Berlin, alternated with reflections on its controversial history. Because it is only after you understand Berlin’s central role in so many historic conflicts, that you can fully appreciate the unique situation Berlin is in today.
Want to know more?    check this link: http://viertausendhertz.de/walrus-and-the-bear/


podcast viertausendhertz

Das erste Podcastlabel im deutschsprachigen Raum.


Chemistry World magazine

Tina Zellmer worked together with the Royal Society of Chemistry
for the Chemistry World magazine

The article is about how scientists can extract proteins and DNA samples from the bones
of prehistoric animals, but there is a question over how long proteins can really
survive and therefore how accurate the results of this research are. 


paleontological research

paleontological research for my next illustration assignment



hach, das macht mich jetzt doch auch ein bisschen stolz. eine zeitschrift, mit der ich aufgewachsen bin und die ich für eine der besten frauenzeitschriften halte: und ich steh' drin, mit einer wunderschönen kleinen alaska karte.... freu!



funky fresh new illustrations for specsavers
which style tribe are you?

chemisty world - discovering new lands




advertisment chanel nr 5


the uckyou magazine


he:mat berl:n

freie künstlerische arbeit: abgeänderte und angepasste alte berlin karte (1905) / basiert auf meyers konversations lexikon / bibliographisches institut leipzig / danke



cover illustration for the Association of Accounting Technicians


Sydney Morning Herald

One of my first illustrations I did for the Sydney Morning Herald in 2001.


ein kind ist sichtbar gewordene liebe

Sonja ist Heilpraktikerin, Coach, Hypnotherapeutin und bietet Hypnobirthing an.
Ihr Augenmerk ist auf Schwangere, Paare, Familien gerichtet. 
Diese neuen Illustrationen sind auf ihrer tollen Webseite www.ma-berlin.de zu sehen.




for ELLE magazine


work for free

we do it again,
Illustrators willing to work for free

(tina in uganda with tearfund)


spanish wine map

Variety is the spice of life. 
I made a spanish wine map illustration for Vintages magazine, who is presenting 20 new spanish wines.


stay critical

Recently I was creating an illustration in support of Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical magazine, which has been the target terrorist attacks, in 2011 and in 2015, presumed to be in response to a number of controversial Muhammad cartoons it published. In the second of these attacks, 12 people were killed, including four cartoonists.

We should defend free speech but doing so while listening to the voice of the voiceless living in our midst. Charlie Hebdo and the press have the right - and should - publish what they think is right, but everyone is free to be offended by what is published and it is their right, to be critical, too.
Condemn the violence, but stay critical of the labels that are used to characterize some terrorist attacks but not others.

Richard Linden and Linda Elder, 2008
The well-cultivated critical thinker:

  • raises vital questions and problems, formulating them clearly and precisely;
  • gathers and assesses relevant information;
  • carefully interprets information to form well-reasoned conclusions;
  • tests conclusions, evaluating against relevant criteria;
  • thinks open-mindedly, avoiding the influence of untested or irrational concepts and beliefs; and
  • communicates effectively with others, particularly in the development and testing of conclusions or solutions.


charl:e hebdo

in support of Charlie Hebdo


cards cards cards

These are the finished printed versions of my card-designs for 'addenda capital'.
 I received them in my mail a couple of days ago. They turned out beautiful.
Was nice working with you guys! Thank you!


roman hefner

new images for the website of singer & songwriter 
roman hefner


don't fake it - make it


This animation was a collaberation between me and 
Wolfgang of Kaiserbrand http://kaiserbrand.com/
for the client Fake Feathers.


concrete lampshade

experimenting with making my own concrete lampshades


part II

 new paintings that are part of the series: 'music is taking over'


book cover: Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy: Performance, Participation, and Well-Being
client: SLACK Incorporated


the ambrotype

I just learned how to do Wet-Plate Collodion.
The ambrotype was introduced in the 1850s. It is a positive photograph on glass 
made by a variant of the wet plate collodion process - 
each picture is a unique original. 
I learned about mixing chemicals (the silver bath, the collodion, the varnish), 
exposure and development ... and all that in english language. 
Thank you Dave @ Central Valley Project 
Photographic Studio - this was such a great workshop!


mus:c is taking over

3 paintings that I worked on the last 
couple of weeks are finished now.
They are part of a series called:
'music is taking over'


ARTE magazine

happy and proud to be in the new ARTE magazine
with a wonderfull map of Kreta