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my name is tina. i'm an illustrator and designer.
this is a space for me to post new work, work in progress,
things i'm up to, inspirations and observations.

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work for free and feel happy

For the second year in a row, the Artists of AGM are offering to work for free for non profit organizations.
Last year I did some illustrations for an organization working together with canadas homeless people.
They didn’t have the budget to spend on original illustration work. When I was ask to help, I was happy
I had time and offered my services for free. It felt really great to do something for people in need.
It was really rewarding.
charity intelligence canada
This year I will work together with tearfund (http://www.tearfund.org) on a very important and exciting project.
They were looking for an illustrator to join their inhouse creative team on a two week trip to Uganda. I think this is an amazing opportunity to experience truly rural African life in poor communities and at the same time do what i love most: making illustrations. I have been very fortunate and I am happy to give something back. I’m very excited and looking foreward to this trip.
I think it will be an amazing experience.